Web Application Security

dotDefender is the market-leading software Web Application Firewall (WAF). dotDefender boasts enterprise-class security, advanced integration capabilities, easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership (TCO). dotDefender is the perfect choice for protecting your website and web applications today.

Application Security Solutions

Meet PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) body has strict guidelines for online retailers and service providers who deal with financial data. dotDefender can help you achieve compliance with ease. Find out more about PCI DSS Compliance

Prevent Hacking Attacks

The proliferation of insecure web applications makes web-based hacking attacks attractive and profitable for cybercriminals. They use SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other methods to trick your users and steal your data. dotDefender stops hackers at the gate. Find out more about Hacking Attacks

The Right Fit for Your Business

Application and Infrastructure Independent

dotDefender works everywhere your business needs it. Whatever web applications your business uses, whether you use a Windows or Linux-based serving environment, whether you run dedicated servers, virtual machines, or employ cloud services, dotDefender Web application security can protect your business today.

Flexible Pricing Models to Suit Your Business

dotDefender can be acquired with a perpetual or annual license directly from Applicure or one of our approved global partners.
Additionally, a Software as a Service model is available via our worldwide hosting and managed services partners.
  • Enterprise-class security against known and emerging hacking attacks
  • Solutions for Hosting, Enterprise and SMB/SME
  • Supports multiple platforms and technologies - IIS, Apache, Cloud ...
  • Central Management console for easy control over multiple dotDefender installations
  • Open API for integration with management platforms and other applications